– Weijie Yuan, Southern University of Science and Technology (

– Emanuele Viterbo, Monash University (

– Giulio Colavolpe, University of Parma (

– Ronny Hadani, Cohere Technologies (

– Zhiqiang Wei, Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen (


– Shuangyang Li, University of New South Wales (

Aim: This SIG is to provide a platform to bring together academic and industrial researchers in an effort to identify and discuss the major technical challenges, recent breakthroughs, and new applications related to OTFS.

Topic of interest:

–  Fundamental information theoretical limits for OTFS

–  Capacity scaling of OTFS for multiple antenna and multiuser systems

–  Signal processing for OTFS transceiver designs

–  Channel estimation for OTFS

–  Receiver design for OTFS

–  Machine learning/AI enhanced OTFS

–  MIMO and massive MIMO design for OTFS

–  Multiple access schemes for OTFS

–  Network architectures and transmission protocols for OTFS

–  System-level simulation, prototyping, and field-tests for OTFS

–  Standardization of OTFS

–  Joint radar and communication via OTFS

–  DD domain and TF domain filter designs for OTFS

–  Transmit and receive window designs for OTFS

–  Coded OTFS system performance analysis

–  Coexisting of 5G and OTFS signaling

–  FDD and TDD OTFS systems

Additional information: