SPCC Technical Committee provides several awards to recognize its members. Nominations are solicited every year by e-mail and may be sent to the SPCC TC Secretary.

▸      Technical Recognition Award, Best Paper Award, Early Achievement Award:

–         All nominations must be sent by September 30 of the year in which the award is to be given.

▸      Outstanding Services Award:

–         All nominations must be sent by October 15 of the year in which the award is to be given.

SPCC Awards Committee 2024:

Chair – Xianbin Wang

Jingxian Wu

Ana Garcia Armada

Rui Dinis

Shaodan Ma

IEEE SPCC Technical Recognition Award Recipients

2023: Prof. Marco Di Renzo

2022: Prof. Hamid Jafarkhani

2021: Prof. Zhiguo Ding

2020: Prof. Rui Zhang

2019: Prof. Naofal Al-Dhahir

2018: Prof. George Karagiannidis

2017: Prof. Geoffrey Ye Li

2016: Prof. H. Vicent Poor

2015: Prof. Lajos Hanzo

2014: Prof. Moe Win

2013: Prof. Norman Beaulieu

IEEE SPCC Outstanding Service Award Recipients

2023: N/A

2022: Dr. Richie Liu

2021: N/A

2020: Dr. Xiangwei Zhou

2019: Dr. Ana Garcia Armada

2018: Dr. Xianbin Wang

2017: Dr. Moe Win

2016: Dr. Jingxian Wu

2015: Dr. Octavia A. Dobre

2014: Dr. Hsiao-Chun Wu

2013: Dr. Hai Lin

2012: Dr. Nallanatham Arumungam

2011: Dr. Tomoaki Ohtsuki

2010: Dr. Hung Nguyen

2009: Dr. Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani

2008: Dr. Said Boussakta

IEEE SPCC Early Achievement Award Recipients

2023: Dr. Fang Fang

2022: Prof. Qingqing Wu

2021: Prof. Zhijin Qin

2020: Prof. Yuanwei Liu and Prof. Haijun Zhang

IEEE SPCC Best Paper Award Recipients

2023: X. Peng, Z. Qin, D. Huang, X. Tao, J. Lu, G. Liu, and C. Pan, “A Robust Deep Learning Enabled Semantic Communication System for Text,” Proceedings of IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 2022, pp. 2704-2709.

2022: Y. Liu, X. Mu, R. Schober, and H. V. Poor, “Simultaneously Transmitting and Reflecting (STAR)-RISs: A Coupled Phase-Shift Model,” Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2022, pp. 2840-2845.

2021: J. S. Ng, W. Y. B. Lim, S. Garg, Zehui Xiong, D. Niyato, M. Guizani, and C. Leung, “Collaborative coded computation offloading: An all-pay auction approach,” Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Montreal, Canada, June 2021.

2020: Shuai Wang, Rui Wang, Qi Hao, Yik Chung Wu, and H. Vincent Poor, “Learning Centric Power Allocation for Edge Intelligence,” Proceedings of the IEEE International Conf. on Communications (ICC), June 2020.