ICC 08

Signal Processing and Communications Electronics Technical Committee (SPCE)

Meeting at ICC 2008, Beijing, PRC
20 May, 2008

  1. Introductions – The meeting began at 7:00 AM. Attendees introduced themselves. SPCE Chair Dr. Tomo Taniguchi welcomed new members to the meeting.
  2. Minutes of Globecom 2007- Dr. Donglai Xu indicated that he was at the Globecom 2007 SPC meeting, but the attendance list does not have his name. Secretary Nguyen said that he will fix the minutes. The minutes of SPCE meeting at Globecom 2008 was approved with this correction.
  3. SPCE Outstanding Service Award Nomination – A nomination for Professor Said Boussakta for the 2008 SPCE Outstanding Service Award was submitted by Dr. Donglai Xu and seconded by Profs. Tomoaki Ohtsuki and Luc Deniere. The nomination was approved by the SPCE Technical Committee. SPCE Chair Dr. Taniguchi took the action of making the arrangement with IEEE ComSoc for the award in time for presentation during Globecom 2008 SPCE meeting.
  4. Technical Program Committee Reports
  5. ICC2008 (19-23 May in Beijing), Said Boussakta, Tomo Taniguchi, and Dapeng O. Wu

Since this meeting preceded the ICC2008 one, no additional information was presented, other than the comment from Dr. Tananguchi that the conference is very successful.

  1. Globecom2008 (30 November – 4 December in New Orleans), Hung Nguyen, Nallanathan Arumugam and Tomoaki Ohtsuki

There were a total number of 233 papers submitted. Each paper was assigned 3 TPC reviews, and each TPC can reassign the paper to another reviewer. The TPC members were working good progress with the assigned papers. Review deadline was 21 June. This meeting preceded the Globecom 2008 one thus no additional information was available.

  1. ICC2009 (14-18 June in Dresden), Luc Deneire and Tomo Taniguchi

There is nothing to report.

  1. GLOBECOM2009 (30 November – 4 December in Hawaii)

SPCE has submitted call for paper (CFP) proposal listing SPC symposium co-chairs as Drs. Hung Nguyen and Tomoaki Taniguchi representing SPCE, while Prof. Hsiao-Chun Wu will be the Wireless Communication TC representative.

  1. ICC2010 (May 2010 in Capetown)

Prof. Said Boussakta is assigned the SPCE representative. Dr. Donglai Xu volunteered to help.

  1. GLOBECOM2010 (Date and Location TBD)

Dr. Hung Nguyen is assigned the SPCE representative for this conference. Others will be indentified as more information is available. At present there is no official decision on where it will be.

  1. ICC2011 (23-29 July, Kyoto, Japan)

Dr. Tomoaki Taniguchi will be the SPCE representative. Others will be later identified.

  1. Other Businesses – None

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 AM. There were 8 people in attendance.


Name Email Affiliationف
Hung Nguyen hung.h.nguyen@aero.org The Aerospace Corporation, USA
Donglai Xu d.xu@tees.ac.uk University of Teesside, UK
Hai Lin hai.lin@ieee.org Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Li Zhang l.x.zhang@leeds.ac.uk Leeds University, UK
Moon Ho Lee moonho@chonbuk.ac.kr Chonbuk National University, Korea
A. Nallanathan nallanathan@ieee.org King’s College London, UK
Luc Deneire deneire@unice.fr Universite de Nice, France
Tomo Taniguchi t-taniguchi@jp.fujitsu.com Fujitsu Labs, Japan