Minutes of Technical Committee Meeting at GLOBECOM 2015, San Diego, USA

December 7, 2015

1. Introductions – The TC meeting was started at 7:00 AM. The SPCE Chair Dr. Hai Lin welcomed all SPCE members to the meeting. Attendees introduced themselves.

2. Minutes of ICC 2015 – The draft minutes of ICC 2015 TC meeting were shown and the Chair checked with audience if there were any corrections. There were no requests for modification or other comments and the minutes were then approved to be posted on the SPCE web site.

3. Technical Program Committee Reports

A. SPC Symposium – GLOBECOM 2015: Co-Chairs of the SPCE to the SPC Symposium: Himal Suraweera (Sri Lanka) and Kyunsup Kwak (Korea); the symposium received a total of 169 submissions; 64 papers were accepted (37.9% acceptance rate). The accepted papers have been organized into 10 oral sessions of 6 papers and 1 interactive session with 4 papers

B. WCS Symposium – GLOBECOM 2015: Representative of the SPCE to the WCS Symposium: Jingxian Wu, USA. A total of 472 papers were received; 171 papers were accepted (36.3% acceptance rate).

C. CT Symposium – GLOBECOM 2015: Representative of the SPCE to the SPC Symposium: Octavia Dobre, Canada. A total of 166 papers were received; 59 papers were accepted (35.5% accepted rate). The accepted papers are organized into 10 oral sessions.

D. SPC Symposium – ICC 2016: Our representatives: Shaodan Ma, Hsiao-Chun Wu and Tomohiko Taniguchi. The total submissions received are 159; 157 TPC members secured with each paper allocated to 4 reviewers. Decision not made yet.

E. WCS Symposium – ICC 2016: Our representative is Dimitrie Popescu, USA. The total submissions received are 491; 316 TPC members secured with each TPC allocated with 6 reviews.

F. CT Symposium – ICC 2016: Our representative is Xu Zhu, UK. The total submissions received are 134; 159 TPC members secured. Most of papers have at least 4 confirmed reviewers.

G. GLOBECOM 2016: Our nominations: Maged Elkashlan, WC Symposium, Jinhong Yuan for CT Symposium, Trung Q. Duong for SPC Symposium, and Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir for CogRN Symposium.

4. Other Endorsed Conferences

A: ISWCS 2015 (Brussels, Belgium); Members involved: Fanggang Wang, Telex Ngathced, Kamel Tourki

B: APCC 2015 (Kyoto, Japan); Members involved: Tomoaki Ohtsuki, Takahiko Saba, Hai Lin

C: WCSP 2015 (Nanjing, China); Members involved: Yulong Zou, Lingyang Song, Meixia Tao, Wei Xu

D: ICSPCS 2015 (Cairns, Australia); Members involved: Tadeusz Wysocki, Jinhong Yuan, Octavia Dobre

E: ICCE 2016 (Ha Long, Viet Nam); Members involved: Chau Yuen, Ha Nguyen, Trung Q. Duong

F: ASMS/SPSC 2016 (Palma de Mallorca, Spain); Members involved: Tomaso de Cola, Hung Nguyen, Haijun Zhang. Tomaso de Cola was invited by SPCE Chair Hai Lin to give a short presentation of the conference.

5. Special Interest Group (SIG) Activity Report – The TC Chair Dr. Hai Lin overviewed the recent initiatives of SPCE in engaging the members. The following SIGs have been organized recently:

A. SIG on Signal Processing Techniques in 5G Communication Systems. Chairs include Chau Yuen, SUTD, Singapore; Woon Hau Chin, Toshiba Research Lab, UK; Yan Zhang, Simula Research Lab, Norway; Linglong Dai, Tsinghua University, China and Shiwen Mao, Auburn University, USA. Over 20 members have been recruited.

B. SIG on Signal Processing Techniques for Big Data in Wireless Networks. Chair: Jingxian Wu, University of Arkansas; Vice Chair: Huaiyu Dai, North Carolina State University. Proposed activity plan includes: Journal special issues: JSAC, IEEE Access, EURASIP WIN; Conference workshops and special sessions: Globecom, ICC, WCNC, GlobeSIP; Form LinkedIn group.

6. New Home Page and Mailing list – SPCE Chair Hai Lin announced the new SPCE home page and mailing list.

7. SPCE Outstanding Service Award – The 2015 SPCE Outstanding Award was presented to Professor Octavia Dobre for her continuous and outstanding contribution to the technical activities sponsored and endorsed by the SPCE technical committee.

8. SPCE Technical Recognition Award – The 2015 SPCE Technical Recognition Award was presented to Professor Lajos Hanzo for his significant contribution in the application of signal processing techniques in wireless communications.

9. Other Business – Next SPCE meeting will be held during ICC 2016 in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.

10. Adjourn –The meeting was adjourned at 8:30AM. There were 49 people in attendance.


Appendix: List of Attendees:

Name Affiliation Email
A. Nallanathan King’s Collegue London
Akihiro Shimoda NTT
Andrea Conti University of Ferrara
Bo Rong CRC
Chengshan Xiao Missouri University of Science and Technology
Chia-Han Lee Academia Sinica
Chih-Peng Li National Sun Yat-Sen University
Guodong Zhao UESTC, China
Hai Lin Osaka Perfecture University
Hongchuan Yang University of Victoria
Hsi-Pin Ma National Tsing Hua Univ.
Huaiyu Dai NC State University
Jiancun Fan Xi’an Jiaotong Univ.
Jie Li University of Tsukuba
Jing Yang University of Arkansas
Jingxian Wu University of Arkansas
Kejie Lu UPRM
Lajos Hanzo Southampton University
Maode Ma Nanyang Technological University
Marco Chiani University of Bologna
Markku Juntti University of Oulu
Moe Win MIT
Nan Yang Australian National University
Octavia Dobre Memorial University
P. Y. Kam National University of Singapore
Pascal Lorenz University of Haute Alsace
Rath Vannithamby Intel
Rui Dinis FAT-UNL
Shabnam Sodagan California State Unviersity
Shuai Han Harbin Institute of Technology
Sumei Sun I2R
Takahiko Saba Chiba Institute of Technology
Telex Ngatched Memorial University
Tomaso de Cola DLR, German Aerospace Center Tomaso.deCola@DLR.DE
Tomo Taniguchi Fujisu
Tomoki Ohtsuki Keio University
Tony Quek SUTD
Wei Yu University of Toronto
Weixiao Meng Harbin Institute of Technology
Xianbin Wang Western University
Xiangwei Zhou Louisiana State University
Xiangyun Zhou Australian National University
Xiaodai Dong University of Victoria
Xiaojiang Du Temple University
Yahong Rosa Zheng Missouri University of Science and Technology
Yiqing Zhou Chinese Academy of Sciences
Y-W. Peter Hong National Tsing Hua Univ.
Zhiguo Ding Lancaster Unviersity
Zhu Han University of Houston