Signal Processing and Communications Electronics Technical Committee (SPCE)

Meeting at GLOBECOM 2012, Anaheim, CA, USA
5 December, 2012

1. Introductions – The meeting began at 12:00 PM. Attendees introduced themselves. SPCE Chair Hung Nguyen welcomed the members to the meeting.

2. Minutes of ICC 2012 – The draft ICC 2012 meeting minutes were shown and Chair Nguyen asked if there were any necessary modifications. There were none and the minutes were then approved to be posted on the SPCE Web site.

3. Technical Program Committee Reports

A. GLOBECOM 2012: Zhensheng Zhang, TPC Chair. Stefano Bregni, TPC Vice-Chair. Abbas Jamalipour and Nei Kato, Symposia Co-Chairs. SPC Symposium Co-Chair Profs. Hsiao-Chun Wu, Tomoaki Ohtsuki and Ying-Chang Liang.

B. ICNC 2013: 28-31 January 2013, San Diego, CA. TPC Chair: Hung Nguyen, 527 papers received, 133 papers accepted into 23 sessions with 25% acceptance ratio.

C. ICC 2013: Andreas F. Molisch, TPC Chair. Andrea Conti. Iain Collings, TPC Vice-Chairs. SPC Symposium Co-Chair: Hai Lin, Octavia Dobre, and Said Boussakta. Dr. Hai Lin reported 217 submissions.

D. GLOBECOM 2013: 9-13 December 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, John Barry, TPC Chair, Matt Valenti, TPC Vice-Chair. Tommaso Melodia, TPC Vice-Chair. SPC co-chair: Octavia Dobre, CTS co-chair: Nallanathan Arumugam, WCS co-chair: Hai Lin. There will be a TPC meeting on Thursday.

E. ICC 2014: Sydney, Australia. Date (TBD). Abbas Jamalipour, TPC Chair. Sanjay Jha, TPC Vice-Chair. Grenville Armitage, TPC Vice-Chair. Nei Kato, Symposia Chair. SPCS Co-Chair: Dr. Tomohiko Taniguchi.

F. GLOBECOM 2014: 8-12 December 2014, Austin, Texas, USA, TPC Chair, Robert Heath and Jeff Andrews. Profs PY Kam, Feifei Gao and Luc Deniere were nominated as SPCE representatives for CT, SPC and WCS symposiums, respectively.

G. ICC 2015: London, UK, TPC Chairs (TBD)

H. GLOBECOM 2015: 6-10 December 2015, San Diego, CA, USA, TPC Chairs (TBD)

4. SPCE Award: The SPCE Outstanding Service Award was announced to Vice-Chair Nallanathan Arumugam, and the plaque will be presented to Prof. Arumugam at ICC 2013.

5. SPCE Election: It was announced at the last meeting during ICC 2012 that the SPCE election will be held during SPCE TC meeting at Globecom 2012. Chair Nguyen announced that per SPCE TC Policy & Procedure (P&P) the SPCE Nomination & Election Committee (NEC) has identified the following candidates for these positions. They were:

  • Chair: Prof. Nallanathan Arumugam (absent due to passport problem).
  • Vice Chair: Prof. Hai Lin.
  • Secretary: Prof. Octavia Dobre.

Bios of the candidates are shown and votes were counted as followed:

  • Prof. Nallanathan Arumugam had 25 votes.
  • Prof. Hai Lin had 25 votes.
  • Prof. Octavia Dobre had 25 votes.

Based on the results, Prof. Nallanathan Arumugam was declared Chair, Prof. Hai Lin was declared Vice-Chair and Prof. Octavia Dobre was declared Secretary. These officer positions are for the term 2013-2014. Profs. Hai Lin and Octavia Dobre expressed gratitude for being selected.

6. Other Businesses:

A. SPCE Technical Recognition Award: Solicit objectives from membership. Propose modifying policies and procedures to cover this award and get approval from membership at ICC 2013. Aim for first award at Globecom 2013.

B. TC members appreciated Chair Nguyen for his hard work, and Chair Nguyen thanks all TC members for their supports duing his term.

C. Discussion on SPCS topics: Next SPCE meeting will be held during ICC 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM. There were 29 people in attendance.


Hung Nguyen The Aerospace Corporation, USA
Hai Lin Osaka Pref. Univ.
Tomohiko Taniguchi Fujitsu Labs, Japan
Yimin Zhang Villanova University
His-Pin Ma National Tsinghua Univ., Taiwan
Rabiner N. Madan George Washington University
Chih-Peng Li National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.
Octavia Dobre Memorial University
Tomoaki Ohtsuki Keio University, Japan
Takahiro Saba Chiba Inst. of Tech.
Chau Yuen SUTD, Singapore
Dimitrie Popescu Old Dominion University, USA
Moe Win MIT
Hsiao-Chun Wu Louisiana State Univ., USA
Andrea Conti Univ. of Ferrara, Italy
Alberto Rabbachin MIT
Pooi-Yuen Kam National University of Singapore
Yuan Shen MIT
Mehdi Bennis University of Oulu, Finland
Andrea Giorgetti Univ of Bologna
Davide Dardari Univ of Bologna
Santiago Mazuelas MIT
Scott CH Huang National Tsing Hua University
Marco Moretti University of Pisa
Claudio Da Silva Samsung
Junyang Shen Univ. of Southern Califonia
Moon Ho Lee Chonbuk National Univ. Korea
Shigeru Shimamoto Waseda Univ.
Jiang Liu Waseda Univ.