Signal Processing and Communications Electronics Technical Committee (SPCE)
Meeting at Globecom 2008, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
3 December, 2008

1. Introductions – The meeting began at 7:30 AM. Attendees introduced themselves. SPCE Chair Dr. Tomo Taniguchi welcomed new members to the meeting.
2. Minutes of ICC 2008 – The draft ICC 2008 meeting minutes were read, and minor corrections were made. The minutes were then approved and to be posted on the SPCE Web site.
3. SPCE Outstanding Service Award – The 2008 SPCE Outstanding service award was to be given to Professor Said Boussakta. However, Professor Boussakta was not able to attend Globecom 2008. A decision was made to delay the award presentation to ICC 2009 when he would be able to receive the award.
4. SPCE Election – The SPCE Nomination & Election (N&E) Committee which consist of Past Chairs Naohisa Ohta (1999-2000), Ron Smith (2003-2004) and current Chair Tomo Taniguchi (2007-2008) has identified the following candidates: current Vice-Chair Tomoaki Ohtsuki for SPCE Chair, current Secretary Hung Nguyen as SPCE Vice-Chair, and two candidates, both are SPCE active members, for SPCE Secretary: Nallanathan Arumugam and Said Boussakta (not present.) For the Chair and Vice-Chair candidates, the hand votes were unanimous, and Nallanathan Arumugam was selected for the Secretary position. It was therefore announced that the new SPCE officers are Chair Tomoaki Ohtsuki, Vice-Chair Hung Nguyen and Secretary Nallanathan Arumugam. Comsoc will be notified of these changes as soon as possible.
5. Technical Program Committee Reports

A. Globecom2008 (30 November 4 December in New Orleans), Hung Nguyen, Nallanathan Arumugam and Tomoaki Ohtsuki
Dr. Hung Nguyen reported that the conference is progressing smoothly. There were a couple of authors who were not able to come but had paid registration and had the papers in the proceedings. One session chair was not able to make it but had arranged for a substitute.
B. ICC2009 (14-18 June in Dresden), Luc Deneire and Tomo Taniguchi
Prof. Luc Deneire reported that there were 252 papers submitted and they were still being finalized. Threshold was set at 3.5, and everything else on schedule.

C. GLOBECOM2009 (30 November – 4 December in Hawaii), Hung Nguyen, Tomo Taniguchi and Hsiao-Chun Wu
CFPs on Globecom 2009 Web sites have link to SPCE with the above 3 co-chairs. Co-Chairs will attend meeting since there may be potential issues with overlapping topics as emailed earlier by GC’09 Symposia Chair Stefano Bregni.

D. ICC2010 (May 2010 in Capetown), Said Boussakta
Nothing to report. Dr. Tomo Taniguchi will attend ICC’10 TPC meeting later that day.

E. GLOBECOM2010 (Miami, FL) There is nothing to report. Dr. Hung Nguyen will be attending the GC’10 TPC meeting later.

F. ICC2011 (23-29 July, Kyoto, Japan) Dr. Tomo Taniguchi (assigned as SPCE rep.) will be serving in the Executive Committee and therefore needs someone else to lead the SP symposium. Luc Deneire has volunteered as SPCE representative. Later, Tomo was asked by the ICC2011 TPC Chair to stay in the SP Symposium Chair Team (serve as Co-Chair (secondary)) and to help organizing the conference locally.
6. Other Businesses
Dr. Hung Nguyen commented that there is a need to reach out to the Signal Processing Society and others to increase membership and ICC/GC submissions. Dr. Hai Lin has volunteered to help out on this.
Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 AM. There were 13 people in attendance.

Name Email Affiliation
Hung Nguyen The Aerospace Corporation, USA
A. Nallanathan King’s College London, UK
Hai Lin Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Tanaka Yamazato Nagoya University, Japan
Tomoaki Ohtsuki Keio University, Japan
Tomo Taniguchi Fujitsu Labs, Japan
Luc Deneire Universite de Nice, France
Ron Smith Northrop Grumman
Stefano Tomasin University of Padova, Italy
Octavia Dobre Memorial University, Canada
Xavier Fernando Ryerson University, Canada
Shigeru Shimamoto Stanford University, USA
Gerhard Fettweis Technische University Dresden