ICC 13

Signal Processing and Communications Electronics Technical Committee (SPCE)

Meeting at ICC 2013, Budapest, Hungary
11 June, 2013

  1. Introductions – The meeting began at 12:30 PM. Attendees introduced themselves. SPCE Chair Nallanathan Arumugam welcomed the members to the meeting.
  2. Minutes of GC 2012 – The draft GC 2012 meeting minutes were shown and Chair Arumugam asked if there were any necessary modifications. There were none and the minutes were then approved to be posted on the SPCE Web site.
  3. Technical Program Committee Reports
  4. ICC 2013: Andreas F. Molisch, TPC Chair. Andrea Conti, Iain Collings, TPC Vice-Chairs. SPC Co-Chairs: Hai Lin, Octavia Dobre, Said Boussakta. Prof. Lin reported 216 submissions, 85 accepted, acceptance ratio 39.3%.
  5. GLOBECOM 2013: John Barry, TPC Chair. Matt Valenti and Tommaso Melodia, TPC Vice-Chairs. SPC Symposium Co-Chairs: Huiayu Dai, Octavia Dobre, and Tao Jiang. Prof. Dobre reported 143 submissions. Representatives of the SPCE to the CTS Symposium: Nallanathan Arumugam and to the WCS Symposium: Hai Lin (as Co-Chairs). Profs. Arumugam and Lin reported 136 and 372 submissions, respectively.
  6. ICC 2014: Abbas Jamalipour, TPC Chair. Sanjay Jha and Grenville Armitage, TPC Vice-Chairs. SPC Symposium Lead Co-Chair: Tomohiko Taniguchi. Dr. Taniguchi reported that the CFP was prepared and submitted to the TPC Chair.
  7. GLOBECOM 2014: Robert Heath and Jeff Andrews, TPC Vice-Chairs. Representatives of the SPCE to the SPC Symposium: Luc Deneire, WCS Symposium: Feifei Gao, and CTS Symposium: P. Y. Kam (as Co-Chairs).
  8. ICC 2015: Nathan Gomes and Athanassios Manikas, TPC Vice-Chairs. Representative of the SPCE which were proposed for the SPC Symposium: Claudio da Silva and Fu-Chun Zheng, WCS Symposium: Trang Quang Duong, and CTS Symposium: Xu Zhu.
  9. GLOBECOM 2015: 6-10 December 2015, San Diego, CA, USA, TPC Chair and Vice-Chairs (TBD)
  10. Endorsed Conferences
  11. LATINCOM 2013: SPCE Volunteers in TPC: Nan Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, China, Tomohiko Taniguchi, Fujitsu Laboratories, Japan, Pooi-Yuen Kam, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Chih-Ping Li MIT, USA, and Hung Nguyen, Aerospace Cooperation, USA.
  12. B. ICNC 2014: SPCE Volunteers in TPC (TBD)
  13. Technical recognition award The guidelines have been discussed and approved. Nominations are received by August 15, 2013, and the first award will be presented at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2013.

C Re-certifications: questionnaire submitted already. Committee decision available during GLIBECOM 2013.

  1. Other Businesses:
  2. All TCs are re-evaluated every three years. Questionnaire for the SPCE TC were filled out and submitted. The re-evaluation committee will announce its decision at GLOBECOM 2013.
  3. Industry involvement/ Standard involvement: Moe Win raised the issue of industry involvement and involvement in standard development.
  4. Next SPCE meeting will be held during GLOBECOM 2013 in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM. There were 31 people in attendance.


Nallanathan Arumugam King’s College London nallanathan@ieee.org
Hai Lin Osaka Pref. University hai.lin@ieee.org
Tomohiko Taniguchi Fujitsu Labs, Japan t-taniguchi@jp.fujitsu.com
Octavia Dobre Memorial University odobre@mun.ca
His-Pin Ma National Tsinghua University hp@ee.nthu.edu.tw
Tomoaki Ohtsuki Keio University ohtsuki@ics.keio.ac.jp
Moe Win MIT moewin@mit.edu
Michael Rice Brigham Young University mdr@byu.edu
Andrea Conti University of Ferrara a.conti@ieee.org
Dimitrie Popescu Old Dominion University dpopescu@odu.edu
Pei-Jung Chung University of Edinburg p.chung@ed.ac.uk
Chih-Peng Li National Sun Yat-Sen University cpli@faculty.nsysu.edu.tw
Alberto Rabbachin MIT rabalb@mit.edu
Davide Dardari University of Bologna davide.dardari@unibo.it
Andrea Giorgetti University of Bologna a.giorgetti@ieee.org
Pooi-Yuen Kam National University of Singapore elekampy@nus.edu.sg
Scott CH Huang National Tsing Hua University chhuang@ee.nthu.edu.tw
Luc Deneire University of Nice Sophia Antipolis deneire@unic.fr
Xianbin Wang University of Western Ontario wang@eng.uwo.ca
Adam Noel University of British Columbia adman@ece.ubc.ca
Trung Q. Duong Blekinge Institute of Technology dqt@bth.se
Tony Quek Singapore Univ. of Tech. and Design tonyquek@sutd.edu.sg
Shaodan Ma University of Macao shaodanma@umac.mo
Tiffany Jing Li Lehigh University jingli@ece.lehigh.edu
Jingxian Wu University of Arkansas wuj@uark.edu
Lingjia Liu University of Kansas lingjialiu@ittc.ku.edu
Jie Li University of Tsukuba lijie@cs.tsukuba.ac.jp
Igor Bisio University of Geneva igor.bisio@cnit.it
Cheng Li Memorial University licheng@mun.ca
Jamming Wu National Tsing Hua University jmwu@ee.nthu.edu.tw
Lingyang Song Peking University lingyang.song@pku.edu.cn