ICC 11

Signal Processing and Communications Electronics Technical Committee (SPCE)

Meeting at ICC 2011, Kyoto, Japan
6 June, 2011

1. Introductions – The meeting began at 12:00 PM.  Attendees introduced themselves.  SPCE Chair Hung Nguyen welcomed the members to the meeting.

2. Minutes of GLOBECOM 2010 – The draft GLOBECOM 2010 meeting minutes were shown and Chair Nguyen asked if there were any necessary modifications. There were none and the minutes were then approved to be posted on the SPCE Web site.

3. Technical Program Committee Reports

A. ICC 2011: Luc Deneire presented the report. There were 188 papers submitted and 73 papers were accepted.

B. GLOBECOM 2011: Hung Nguyen reported that the original 20 March submission deadline moved to 5 April but review and recommendation deadlines stayed firm. Final statistics: 210 papers reviewed, 74 accepted with threshold score of 3.3/5.0, acceptance rate is 35.24%.

C. ICC 2012: Dr. Nallanathan Arumugam reported that so far 102 TPC members accepted the invitation.

D. GLOBECOM 2012: Tomoaki Ohtsuki will represent the SPCE as Co-Chair for SPC Symposium.

E. ICC 2013: Hai Lin and Octavia Dobre were nominated as SPCE representatives for Co-Chairing.

6. Other Businesses:

Members commented on the future activities of the SPCE, such as member promotion, special issue proposals, and conference endorsement. Chair Nguyen responded positively to these proposed activities and will look into which one and how to implement these ideas.

Next SPCE meeting will be held during GLOBECOM 2011 in Houston, TX, USA.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM.  There were 14 people in attendance.


Name Affiliation Email
Hung Nguyen The Aerospace Corporation, USA hunguyen@ieee.org
A. Nallanathan King’s College London, UK nallanathan@ieee.org
Tomo Taniguchi Fujitsu Labs, Japan t-taniguchi@jp.fujitsu.com
Tomoaki Ohtsuki Keio University, Japan ohtsuki@ics.keio.ac.jp
Pooi-Yuen Kam National University of Singapore elekampy@nus.edu.sg
Luc Deneire University of Nice, France deneire@unice.fr
Hai Lin Osaka Prefecture Univ. Japan hai.lin@ieee.org
Sangarapillai Lambotharan Loughborough Univ. UK s.lambotharan@lboro.ac.uk
Xianbin Wang University of Western Ontario, Canada wang@eng.uwo.ca
His-Pin Ma National Tsinghua Univ. Taiwan hp@ee.nthu.edu.tw
Alagan Anpalagan Ryerson University, Canada alagan@ee.ryerson.ca
Hongyang Chen Fujitsu Labs Ltd, Japan hongyang.chen@jp.fujitsu.com
Alberto Rabbachin European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC) alberto.rabbachin@jrc.it
Yuan Shen MIT shenyuan@mit.edu