Signal Processing and Communications Electronics Technical Committee (SPCE)

Meeting at GLOBECOM 2013, Atlanta, GA, USA
12 December, 2013

1. Introductions – The meeting began at 12:30 PM. Attendees introduced themselves. SPCE Chair Nallanathan Arumugam welcomed the members to the meeting.

2. Minutes of ICC 2013 – The draft ICC 2013 meeting minutes were shown and Chair Arumugam asked if there were any necessary modifications. There were none and the minutes were then approved to be posted on the SPCE web site.

3. Technical Program Committee Reports

A. GLOBECOM 2013: John Barry, TPC Chair. Matt Valenti and Tommaso Melodia, TPC Vice-Chairs. SPC Symposium Co-Chairs: Huiayu Dai, Octavia Dobre, and Tao Jiang. Prof. Dobre reported 144 submissions, with 38.2% acceptance rate. Representatives of the SPCE to the CTS Symposium: Nallanathan Arumugam and to the WCS Symposium: Hai Lin (as Co-Chairs). Profs. Arumugam and Lin reported 136 and 372 submissions with 36.7% and 37.4% acceptance rate, respectively.

B. ICC 2014: Abbas Jamalipour, TPC Chair. Sanjay Jha and Grenville Armitage, TPC Vice-Chairs. SPC Symposium Lead Co-Chair: Tomohiko Taniguchi. Dr. Taniguchi reported 180 submitted papers and 94 TPC members.

C. GLOBECOM 2014: Robert Heath and Jeff Andrews, TPC Vice-Chairs. Representatives of the SPCE to the SPC Symposium: Luc Deneire, WCS Symposium: Feifei Gao, and CTS Symposium: P. Y. Kam (as Co-Chairs).

D. ICC 2015: Nathan Gomes and Athanassios Manikas, TPC Vice-Chairs. Representative of the SPCE confirmed for the SPC Symposium: Fu-Chun Zheng.

E. GLOBECOM 2015: Ramesh Rao, TPC Chair. SPCE nominations: Jingxian Wu for WCS, Octavia Dobre for CTS, and Himal Suraweera and Hung Nguyen for the SPC Symposium.

4. Endorsed Conferences – IEEE ICT14 SPCE representatives: Luc Deneire, Otilia Popescu, Nan Zhao, and Mohammed Usman.

5. Technical Recognition Award The SPCE Technical Recognition Award was presented to Norman Beaulieu for his continuous and outstanding contributions to the technological advancement of Signal Processing for Communications.

6. Outstanding Service Award – The SPCE Outstanding Service Award was presented to Vice-Chair Hai Lin for his continuous and outstanding contributions to the technical activities of the committee.

7. Distinguished Lecturer Program – Dr. Rath Vannithamby (Intel Corporation) was selected for 2014/2015.

8. SPCE Standard Liaison – Dr. Rath Vannithamby (Intel Corporation) was appointed as the SPCE standard liaison.

9. ComSoc Student Competition Program – ComSoc has launched a Student Competition Program for graduate and undergraduate students ( The theme of the first competition is “Communications Technology Changing the World.“ Feifei Gao is the SPCE representative for the Selection Committee.

10. Re-certifications – The Technical Committees Recertification Committee (TCRC) recommended recertification of the SPCE TC to the BoG at GLOBECOM with an eye toward merging with another TC in the next year or so. If the TC feels that merging with another TC is not the correct decision, a detailed plan for and growing membership and increasing the activity level of the TC should be supplied to the TCRC.

11. Other Businesses – Next SPCE meeting will be held during ICC 2014 in Syndey, Australia.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM. There were 40 people in attendance.


A. Nallanathan King’s College London
Adlen Ksentini University of Rennes 1
Andrea Conti University of Ferrara
Andrea Giorgetti University of Bologna
Dimitrie Popescu Old Dominion University
Feifei Gao Tsinghua University
Fen Zhou University of Avignon
Hai Lin Osaka Prefecture University
Hsiao-Chun Wu Louisiana State University
Hsi-Pin Ma Nat’l Tsing Hua University
Huaiyu Dai NC State University
Hung Nguyen The Aerospace Corporation
Israel Akingeneye University of Arkansas
Jen-Ming Wu Nat’l Tsing Hua University
Jingxian Wu University of Arkansas
Jinhong Yuan University of New South Wales
Liang Hong Tennessee State University
Luc Deneire University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Meng Han Georgia State University
Octavia Dobre Memorial University
Pooi-Yuen Kam National University of Singapore
Rath Vannithamby Intel
Rose Hu Utah State University
Shaodan Ma University of Macau
Shouling Ji Georgia Tech
Shree K. Sharma University of Luxemburg
Sumei Sun Institute for Infocomm Research
Takahiko Saba Chiba Institute of Technology
Tarik Taleb NEC Europe
Tomo Taniguchi Fujitsu Labs
Tomoaki Ohtsuki Keio University
Tong Zhou Beijing Universityof Posts & Telecommunications
Weiliang Zeng Missiouri University of Science & Technology
Xiao Han Institut Telecom, France
Xiaoyan Hong University of Alabama
Yi Qian University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Yimin Zhang Villanova University
Ying Wang Beijing Universityof Posts & Telecommunications
Yu Wang Auburn University
Zhiteng He Auburn University